Going On Hiatus

Hi everyone! I hope you're all having an awesome day! I can't believe we're halfway through May already. Seriously, it's crazy how time fly! Well, I just wanted to pop in and say that I will be taking a hiatus from my blog for a while to take care of some personal stuff. I hope it isn't for too long, but I can't really say for certain. I will still be on Instagram, though. I really love all of your cards, so I definitely don't want to miss out :). I'll leave you with some of the cards I've made recently for Mother's Day and some that I found hidden in my stash, which I haven't shared here before. I hope you enjoy!

Well, enjoy the rest of your Spring and have a wonderful, FUN summer and I'll see ya when I get back!!



  1. Hi Ka! Hope everything is OK and will miss your creations while you're gone! :) I adore all of these and love the inspiration you've shared here!! Take care!!

  2. I'm sorry to see you take a break, but sometimes it's best to take some time off. Completely understand! See you on Instagram! :) (And your cards are beautiful as always!)

  3. Hope you're doing ok. Think it's great to take a break when you need to. Looking forward to your creations when you return. Love the ones you've made here :) xx

  4. We'll be here when you get back Ka, you take care of yourself first. Your cards are as wonderful as always. I'm smitten with the sweet owl card!

  5. Your cards are all so beautiful, will look out for you at Instagram! Big Hugs x

  6. What a great collection of cards Ka - you have been busy and deserve a break!

  7. Awesome cards!! Hope you've been doing well and you're able to return soon! :)


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